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Sparky Top 5 `Fun`, Top 3 `Adventure`
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Author:  alanultron5 [ 20 Apr 2015, 14:34 ]
Post subject:  Sparky Top 5 `Fun`, Top 3 `Adventure`

`SPARKY` Top 5 `Fun`, Top 3 `Adventure`

If any fans of `Sparky` comic would care to let me know their favourite’s –here’s the thread to do it!

Though I have titled the thread a Top 5 for `Fun` strips and top 3 for `adventure` it’s not a hard-set rule! If you can only think of one of each- just put that! Obviously for folks such as RAVEN, they read the comic when virtually all `adventure` strips were ceasing! In fact, after August 1975 only repeats of “Mr Bubbles” and “Invisible Dick” represented this genre of strip!

Just put down what you can!

My favourite `fun` strips have to be headed by `I. Spy` which from 1969 to close of 1971 was just superb! Even Odham’s comic (“POW”) creation `The Cloak` did not compare for me! The Cloak himself was great-but the stories just did not match up to the utter genius from the mind of Peter Clark on those amazing `I.Spy` stories!

Second place goes to the fantastically inventive “Puss and Boots” (1969-1977) John Geering’s art and the ever spralling anarchic storylines have made “Puss and Boots” by major consensus in the world of fun comics, Sparky’s best known fun strip! A true gem!

Third for me has to be the surrealistic delight of “Dreamy Dave and Dozy Dora” (1965-68) It did run out of steam somewhat by 1968 but had been so inventive!

Fourth-is a strip that I never originally read in my original time of buying Sparky as by May 1971 I had to prepare for leaving School etc and comic’s were `child’s` pastime’s back then! However- on getting together my full collection over recent years I have been delighted by the “Thingummy” (1974-77) strip which is as funny a strip I have read in a long time of comic enjoyment!

Fifth rated `Fun` strip is the rather less well known “Helpful Henry” (1969) only running about 31 issues, this was a real delight for me and I well recall looking forward each week to `Henry` Hugh Morren’s artwork really worked well here, and the plotting of many episodes was very clever indeed!

Favourite `Adventure` strips are topped by “Willy the Woeful Wizard” (1966-67) which was so surreal and cerebral with sly drug references and alluding to popular songs etc! The self contained stories were just amazing and Bill Wainwearing’s art is the best I have ever encountered in a `fun` comic!

Second has to be “Mr Bubbles” (1969-75) especially it’s last couple of years when the stories really were so inventive! It suffered a little from having so many artists rotating duties on it-but still a highlight for me!

Third would be a reprint- “Lonely Lad of Blue lagoon”(1967-68) and mostly for the last three months of the strip where `Ken` is trapped underground (On the island he was stranded on) in a wonderfully drawn (by Bill Holdroyd) scenario of vast volcanic caverns populated by huge Spiders, crabs, Rats and living seaweed!! Superb!

Author:  ISPYSHHHGUY [ 22 Apr 2015, 08:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sparky Top 5 `Fun`, Top 3 `Adventure`

A very well-thought out piece as ever, Alan, with your usual personal anecdotes added for resounding good measure.

I can't really add to the observations you have put forth, above, mainly because I was too young to read the very early SPARKY [pre-1969] issues and only managed to see a few of them first time around.

I remember I was still learning to read properly when I bought the comic regularly in 1969, and yes I Spy still stands up brilliantly, the first three years or so especialy---it must have been partly through Peter Clarks' boundless imagination, as you say.

Puss an Boots always gets my vote for some of the most accomplished comics artwork in UK comics History: yes, Watkins and Reid attained higher status, but John Geerings' artwork was on par with Disney for me at least--it was brilliant watching his technique progress so dramatically over a few short years.

One of the definite highlights of the comic .....

Author:  alanultron5 [ 22 Apr 2015, 10:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sparky Top 5 `Fun`, Top 3 `Adventure`

Thanks for the comments Rab! I put "Thingummyblob" in my list even though i'd only read it when getting my collection together! I collected Sparky from its inception to about the third week in May 1971. Even so- I felt "Thingummyblob" was such a good fun strip-I couldn't ignore it! For fans like Raven who loved the comic in its final few years "Adventure" strips would not apply! This is why i stated just put whatever you wish- my 5 & 3 rule is not mandatory!

Knowing what I do of your tastes in Sparky strips Rab both "Puss & Boots" and "I.Spy" (The 1969-71 era) both high in your list! :)

Author:  Peter Gray [ 24 Apr 2015, 17:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sparky Top 5 `Fun`, Top 3 `Adventure`

I like puss and boots..

But love the sparky people...spoofer...Mr Bubbles..L cars..all top stuff..

Author:  alanultron5 [ 25 Apr 2015, 09:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sparky Top 5 `Fun`, Top 3 `Adventure`

What period did you read the comic Peter? Judging by what you listed, I guess about 1969 to 1974!

Author:  Peter Gray [ 24 May 2015, 17:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sparky Top 5 `Fun`, Top 3 `Adventure`

I was too young for Sparky..
discovered it when I bought old comics and annuals...
I was born in 1974..

Author:  alanultron5 [ 26 May 2015, 14:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sparky Top 5 `Fun`, Top 3 `Adventure`

That surprised me! Anyhow, I hope you found it a good read Peter.

Author:  ISPYSHHHGUY [ 26 May 2015, 20:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sparky Top 5 `Fun`, Top 3 `Adventure`

just out of interest, how old did you guess Peter was, then, Alan?

He has never tried to hide his age, to be fair.....

Author:  alanultron5 [ 27 May 2015, 11:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sparky Top 5 `Fun`, Top 3 `Adventure`

Rab! I thought Peter might be early 50s. If he did mention his age somewhere on the forum I hadn't remembered it. Unfortunately my memory is still a bit hazy at the moment. Dratted illness I suffered over last few months seems to have hit my more recent memory functions a bit.

Author:  ISPYSHHHGUY [ 27 May 2015, 13:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sparky Top 5 `Fun`, Top 3 `Adventure`

I am sorry to hear that, Alan---

--there is nothing wrong with your SPARKY memories, happily.

Author:  alanultron5 [ 29 May 2015, 14:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sparky Top 5 `Fun`, Top 3 `Adventure`

Thankfully, my older memories are still very strong- but recent memory can be `dodgy`. (I suffered a side effect of my Chronic Folliclitus as I got a case of blood poisoning after a severe spell of it which hospitalised me for some time) Hopefully, I won't make too many errors on the site!

Author:  Peter Gray [ 04 Aug 2015, 23:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sparky Top 5 `Fun`, Top 3 `Adventure`

I'm 40 years old..

though my taste is very much in the past and beyond my age...

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