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Magic Comic - Need Comic Cover Pictures! 
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Now, before you think we want to buy any comics you might have, that is not the case; we simply want pictures of the front covers (front page) if you have an issue of the Magic Comic we are looking for :)

Hi, I've come here as pretty much all of you are as into comics as me and my brother are, and you might be able to guess by the subject and my signature that I am very much interested in The Magic Fun Comic.
Me and my brother are urgently looking for images of the front page of any Magic comics. Now, before you ask, we have done our research and have found roughly 40 issue covers (I'll put a link to the current and future covers just incase you are interested).
Thank's for reading this; it would mean a lot if you had one of the issues listed here, took a picture and sent it to us :)

Issues currently needed:
# 09            # 48
# 10            # 49
# 12            # 50
# 14            # 51
# 22            # 52
# 25            # 55
# 27            # 56
# 28            # 57
# 30            # 58
# 31            # 60
# 32            # 62
# 34            # 63
# 35            # 64
# 37            # 67
# 38            # 68
# 39            # 69
# 40            # 71
# 41            # 72
# 44            # 73
# 45            # 75
# 46            # 78
# 47            # 80

If you wish to view the comic covers we have so far, we have uploaded them to Comic Vine:
Hopefully soon we will have a separate page with them so you can easily browse the covers and read about them.

I know it might seem like a lot, but if you have at least one of them it would mean the world to us (and anyone else interested) if you could send us a picture of the cover - every contribution counts! :)

P.S. If you have any information about the the comics/an issue we would greatly appreciate it if you shared it with us! :)
We are also working hard to try and find the best-quality images! So if you have an issue "we don't need" and you think you
have a better image (includes comic condition!), please send it in!

-Thanks, Blox


Tue Jun 02, 2015 5:51 pm
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Nice work you have collected so far, Blox---really cool and charm-filled covers and I can see the attraction in of luck in your worthy quest.

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Tue Jun 02, 2015 8:02 pm
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Thanks, we've been looking these up for about a year and a half now :)
We've got in contact with phil-comics, compalcomics and some other collectors/sellers, and most of the time just our own research and collection, and that pretty much makes up what we've got so far.


Tue Jun 02, 2015 8:11 pm
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