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The most recent issue of Viz 
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They have threads for talking about the most recent issues of the beano and the dandy so I thought why not have one for Viz as well.

Well in Viz 210 (coincidentally the first issue of Viz that i've read but i have read bits of the annuals before) i thought it was alright and it did make me laugh on occassions ill now go onto speak about each strip:

Big Vern I like the way his speech is spelt phonetically and this strip had a lovely ending and i especially liked the way bits of brain flew out of his face after he shot himself

The Fat Slags I didnt really find this strip very funny but it was better than elton john's tarmac con

Buster Gonad I liked this strip it was funny i found just the idea of this character pretty hilarious and the jokes in the strip were pretty good too. I especially liked how he adresses the reader in the first panel just like they do in the beano and other such children's comics.

We Buy Gold I really liked the way this strip was drawn but the humour was very dry so i didnt really find it very funny.

Edvard Munch I really liked this strip the art was very nice, the jokes were good if predictable. Probably one of this issue's best

Major misunderstanding This strip was alright. The jokes were okay and so was the art but it wasn't outstanding.

Cruelty free cat's banger arse o matic this parody of cut outs was very funny and made me laugh even though it was pretty simple and the joke was very crude.

Mrs Brady old lady I found this strip was a bit too long the art was okay and it was mildly funny.

Aldridge Prior I really liked this strip especially the joke at the end.

Seedy Pigg This strip was a funny parody of Greedy Pigg from The Dandy (Replacing Greedy Pigg's love of food with him being an old perv) i got the parody and it made this strip even funnier i wonder how much of those reading Viz would also pick up on the parody.

Spawny Get The strip was alright. Not a standout but still good.

Roger Mellie This strip was quite funny one of the comic's better strips.

The articles were quite funny as well especially the top tips and the profanisaurus. Also the scooby doo parody on the cover was pretty good as well.

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Fans of The Numskulls (who are over, oh, let's say 16) should pick up the latest issue for the fantastic "Numnuts" parody, drawn by the inimitable Davey Jones. You can probably guess the concept from the title alone. And if you can't, you really should stay away from the Viz threads. :wink:

13 Jan 2012, 01:04
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Been buying Viz since 1999, and've got almost all of the annuals, so yeah, why not have a "latest issue" thread?

Got the newest one today, No.213. Here's what's in it:

Biffa Bacon - Biffa's parents help with Biffa's history homework in a way that only they could.
Alan Titchmarsh - One of Viz's regular Film Fun parodies, this one features that Ground Force thing trying to have a fap without being interrupted by old women seeking gardening advice.
The Parkie - The sadistic park keeper's violent ways reach hilarious new heights as he sits at the top of the climbing frame with a sniper rifle.
Drunken Bakers - I love these stories so much, they're funny in the most tragic way possible. Not sure how it's done, but it's genius.
Big Vern - The usual great artwork, but I don't "get" the punchline this time - never heard the phrase "to turn a queen" before.
Student Grant - In which the students watch Noel Fielding's new comedy show.
Ivan Jelical - Ivan and his church group decide to deliver bibles to the starving people of Zoblavia, but they can't get the van started. Nothing some prayers won't sort out...
Jack Black - The boy detective uncovers a deadly hygiene plot, just in time for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
Gilbert Ratchet - Gilbert invents a machine for appreciating modern art with, then does some repair work to the Mona Lisa. This one had me laughing out loud!
Mrs. Brady Old Lady - There's a lot of Simon Thorp's amazing art in this issue, this one being a highlight. He loves to draw those veins!
Major Misunderstanding - Letters from readers of the Mail, Express, Times or Telegraph are often adapted for Major Misunderstanding's strips - this time he mistakes a playgroup worker for a single mother.
The Real Ale t***s - One of the funniest "social stereotype" strips that Viz runs, this time they find their favourite pub has been bought by an Irish-themed franchise chain.
Roger Mellie - Roger is in court for shoplifting, lampooning the recent Anthony Worrell-Thompson stuff.
Terry f***witt - Possibly my favourite character in Viz, with his often surreal adventures. This issue, Terry is put in charge of the bank.
Sneaky-Peeky with Upskirt Cobain - More Simon Thorp stuff, this time with a perverted photographer.

As ever, plenty of laughs to be had, and no reprints either :wink:

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22 Feb 2012, 02:01
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Just out of interest, is this subforum exempt (arguably with good reason) from the kiddie filter, or had TwoHeadedBoy simply found a way to subvert it?

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Good point - I certainly didn't ACTIVELY subvert it, maybe putting the words in bold sorted it?

Or perhaps, maybe, the forum's run on US-developed software, where those two words (at least in those forms) aren't recognised swearwords?

My apologies if I offended you there.

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Being part of other words confused it - I thought it was due to capitalisation, but apparently not!

26 Feb 2012, 14:46
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Roger Mellie is brilliant in this, er, month-and-a-bit's issue! :lol:
The "Oirish Pub" barman was pretty funny too. Reminded me of that sketch in Monkey Dust where "t'brewery" keep changing the theme of a pub that only ever has one customer. When they make it Oirish they sack the actual Irish barman and get a fake one.

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26 Feb 2012, 18:42
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Forgot about that bit from Monkey Dust, hilarious stuff! Made me want to watch the DVD again now :D

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26 Feb 2012, 21:35
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