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Hello to all ! 
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Hi everyone

Just joined after reading through most of the 'general discussion' threads :!:

I'm Dave, 'rossobantam' on here (I live in Rossington nr Doncaster ie Rosso to locals; and I'm a season ticket holder at Bradford City ie the case you were wondering!).
Like a lot of guys it seems you get to 40+, kids getting older, bit more disposable income, discovering the internet, ebay thing leads to another & those childhood memories can - to some degree - be relived by reading about, reminiscing, and even buying them!

Hence my collecting started about 15 yrs ago...I still had some of my original toys, comics, Airfix soldiers etc stashed at my parents' house but now I could replace battered toys with better examples (lets face it, in those days we PLAYED with toys, not thinking of future value/collectability etc etc...boxes were ripped open & tossed aside!)

I'm primarily an Airfix collector...kits, figures, toys, games, catalogues/ephemera. POS fact anything Airfix up until its collapse in 1981. I esp love the kit box artwork by Roy Cross

This then developed via ebay into Matchbox kits, Matchbox Battle Kings & Sea Kings.....then a move into Subbuteo (which can be a VERY expensive hobby esp if the Italian collectors get involved!).....I also have a decent collection of Forces of Valor 1/35 scale tanks, and Corgi Aviation esp WW1 which are stunning!

I also still have all my 70's football trading cards, and Panini/FKS sticker albums......this area obviously neatly ties in with comics what with all the many free gifts given away over the years, and again I have a good number of these

As far as COMICS go, my earliest memories are of the large-scale Topper, & of my happiest memories is of every so often a neighbour leaving a huge bundle of these, plus Victors, in our porch...makes me all warm & fuzzy inside just thinking of it! First comic I got 'on subscription' was Shiver & Shake IIRC 1973? when I was 7 or 8....after a brief stint with Warlord I then became smitten with Battle in March 1975...I have ALL of them still, plus annuals. Unfortunately I 'joined in' the battles on page as I often coloured in the explosions etc which I accompanied with great sound effects...."aaarrgrrghh, booom" etc etc etc...and I cut out a lot of the back page cut-outs :wink: so I'm slowly adding a pristine copy of each issue.
6th Form, girls, music , plus the move from WW2 to 'spy/adventure' stories caused me to leave Battle behind in 1982...only regret I have was missing the last chapters in Charley's fav comic story; not just in the artwork, but in the detail of the writing. (although I always wanted to BE General Jumbo :mrgreen: )

I've also a good number of Warlord, Victor, Hornet, Hotspur.

Things I REALLY like? Issues WITHOUT cust names on top grrrrrrr....issues with free gifts (footy stuff & clip-together planes are partic favs); Summer Specials, Xmas editions (the ones with snow on top of the title page letters...something about them, like I'm seven again!!) I'm also a big fan of the adverts in comics, esp for sweets & kits/toys....that reminds me my first 'proper' post must be in reply to the 'Rowntrees Fruit Gums' posters someone mentioned...I'll find it again later)

ooops nearly forgot I also collect Giles annuals :roll:

phew that'll do for now....I'm enjoying reading your threads


27 Jan 2016, 18:26
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Welcome to the fun factory, Dave.

Impressed you still have all your Battles (even though some of them seem to have been through the wars themselves judging by what you say). Yeah, I remember being given bundles of comics from time to time as a kid - great memories.

I used to knock up the odd Airfix kit as a kid, but I usually ended up setting fire to them!

I also remember the fruit gums posters - I still have them somewhere.

Looking forward to seeing you around the forum.


27 Jan 2016, 19:12
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Howdy Doody, Dave!

Baby Boomer Blog:



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27 Jan 2016, 23:35
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As a child in the sixties I had the Airfix Union and Confederate armies plus the US Cavalry in those 48 piece boxes. I managed to pick up the Union and Confederate soldiers again a few years back. I remember around 1970 putting them on a board and breaking open some bangers and putting little piles of gunpowder among them to recreate the explosions but when i lit one they all went off together and many of the soldiers were melted into blobs. We also had some airfix WW2 planes and my mate hung one from the washing line and put a banger inside it and we watched it explode. When there were no fireworks around we'd buy a box of caps (for cap guns) put the box between two old pennies and stamp on it making an enormously loud bang. The Thames, the Surrey Canal and a local bombsite were our playgrounds and we all lived through with no sign of health and safety.

28 Jan 2016, 11:11

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Welcome! I warn you that you may find your interests expanding even further - for instance you may even find you get interested in the girls comics discussions!! Certainly I've found that my distant memories of the likes of Whizzer and Chips have been piqued by the discussions and artwork posted round here...

_________________ Excellent and weird stories from the past - with amazing art to boot.

28 Jan 2016, 18:47
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