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Teddy Bear Comic Number 1 (21st September 1963)
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Author:  booksandcomics [ 20 Oct 2014, 16:03 ]
Post subject:  Teddy Bear Comic Number 1 (21st September 1963)

Hi all,

I've just been going through a stack of comics that I've had for a while and need to part with them. I have going to put a lot together under a 'children's comic' lot, but, realised that there is a first issue of 'Teddy Bear'.

I must confess that I know nothing about this comic, but, have noticed that many of the later issues seem to sell quite well online. I cannot find anything online however to suggest it's rarity and, I hate to raise it hear, it's value. I like to be fair with pricing and not over charging. Does anyone know anything about 'Teddy Bear' and in particular the first issue? Is it a rarity?

Many thanks,


Author:  Raven [ 20 Oct 2014, 16:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Teddy Bear Comic Number 1 (21st September 1963)

It's a nice nursery comic, but, of course, nursery titles are quite a niche interest (I bought seven issues of the even lusher Seven - including issue one - for 99p the lot a while back!) I've bought regular issues of Teddy Bear ('60s and '70s) for £1 each at a sale and three for £1.99 online.

Good condition nursery titles are always going to be quite rare because they were owned by tots, who aren't known for bagging and boarding their comics, but, because they're such a niche interest, it's probably all going to be a bit experimental and all you can do is see what happens, perhaps not starting with too high a bidding price.

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