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What's the point of private mail if it's ignored? 
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First, may I state that this is a genuine attempt to resolve a current situation, not to stir things up. However, in order to place things in context for the benefit of other members who may be interested, I have to jump back a little. A member of this forum, long before I joined, stated an untruth on various sites that I had been banned from Comics UK. As, at that time, I had never tried to join, it was news to me. When I did eventually join, it was immediately obvious that several people's noses were put out of joint and they were in a huff about it. In short order, I was called an idiot, had my postings attacked (usually by the same people) and have been subjected to various personal insults and insinuations by people pursuing their own personal agendas.

This is a tiny minority, of course, and does not reflect (as far as I have been able to ascertain) the opinion of the majority of forum members. However, I do not believe that it is overstating the case to say that certain people are determined to take a disproportionate degree of offence at almost everything I say in the hope of getting me removed from the forum. If they can create the impression that I am the cause of recent unpleasantness, then it increases their chances of achieving their aim. They obviously hope that, eventually, the administrators will get fed up of the controversy which seems to surround me (which predates my involvement on the forum) and take the expedient action of removing me. Then the ones who object to my presence can have what they see as their exclusive playground back to themselves again.

Recently, another member insinuated an outright lie about me on a certain thread, which was then locked. He has taken several potshots of variable severity at me in recent times, seemingly with impunity from being upbraided for his behaviour. Forum members are advised to resort to private mail rather than wander off-topic, so I did. I have now contacted an administrator on three occasions and have been ignored each time. So what is the point of offering this option if it isn't going to be responded to? Am I to assume that the sympathies of the administrator in question are with my detractors? (Which would seem to be the case going by his comments on the forum. "Play the man and not the ball"? I have made no personal attacks on any artist in any of my comments, restricting my remarks to the work and not the man.)

I have tried to participate in the forum to the best of my ability, introducing what I believe to be interesting threads in order to engage members' interest and invite their involvement. When I look through the forum files, I see many topics which I have no interest in, and comments with which I disagree, or bore or annoy me, which I just ignore. Is it too much to hope that the next time I inadvertently make a comment which gets someone's back up, they just ignore it rather than use it as an opportunity to launch an attack not only on my opinion, but also on my motives, integrity or character?

And are any of my private emails ever going to be responded to? If not, what's the point of offering the option?

06 Oct 2013, 20:16

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Hi Gordon,

I think it's fair to say that there's been a fair bit of bear baiting at you since you came on board in the knowledge that you'll come out fighting, look plain bad and then be asked to leave. What's unfortunate is that it seems to work and you get drawn into responding on everything in fine detail.

I don't know you personally but I like your blog. I know you feel sleighted by others comments and grudges but fret not - it's seen even if not always commented on. Please keep on introducing new threads and all of that constructive stuff. Don't be over concerned with varying talents in the Beano - the comic will succeed or fail ultimately due to the editor, not the willing participants invited in. It's their livelihoods and they all share with you the fear of falling sales.

To everyone, I know we're probably past the point of knowing who started all of this first but if the sly digs can stop and those provoked sit on it for 24 hours before replying then this will be a happier place.

Well done to the administrators for your good support. (Gordon maybe they've been busy this weekend ) No one should take it personally if replies don't keep up with the pace of the thread.



06 Oct 2013, 21:20

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Some people certainly know what buttons to press, Chris, but no action ever seems to be taken (even in the face of outright lies) until I respond in my own defence. The administrator has been busy replying to other posts throughout the day while steadfastly ignoring my emails. I'd like to think it's because he's trying to remain impartial, but surely a response to that effect would be in order. Also, some of his replies to my comments don't seem to be coming from a completely neutral point of view. Time will tell.

Thanks for responding.

06 Oct 2013, 23:56
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Sadly, the chemistry of human nature always sees this sort of conflict arising, and the modern advent of computerized communication is often an outlet for human prejudices and all sorts of other failings; I've been guilty of this myself at times and I'm not singling you or anyone else out on this score, Robbo!

I myself eventually left another well-known forum a few months back [I won't name them, but one or two Comics UK members are probably still on there---the forum is easily as big and as specialized as this one].

Anyway, I just felt that a significant minority of the contributers were excessively negative and cynical regarding almost all of my posts: it got to the point where I never even read the replies of two of the members, over a period of months-----I just made my point in the threads then cleared off, never to return to that particular thread. They must surely have been aware of this after a while, an act which also seemed to displease them.

Some of the mannerisms of the more cynical contributers were overtly elitist, divisive and downright repellent......a bit like a smug schoolmaster, acting out power fantasies on 'inferior' school pupils. I eventually realized that I couldn't continue as it had long ceased to amount to proper 'debate' I was involved in, and after two abortive 'departures', I finally had to block that site on my computer in order to steer clear of it, and I have never returned to it.......a good move as it turned out, I am much happier away from the negativity exhibited by a few members of that site, it's an absolute relief to be free of it, to be honest.

In all fairness, one or two of the forum members there were extremely helpful with my questions and requests for info, it was just a very small minority who spoiled it for me.

In that case, I wrote a farewell message to one of the Admins through another channel, but he never replied-----I doubt if I will ever return to it, although I was never really close to being actually banned from it.

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07 Oct 2013, 08:40

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That first part of your fourth paragraph rings a few bells regarding what I've seen from a minority around here, ISG. Interesting that there have been only two replies out of 136 (so far) hits. Are people nervous about expressing themselves perhaps? Hardly a good atmosphere for a forum. There's just no way that Ginger's Beano Punk thread should've been locked - there was nothing on it which was even remotely out of order. And I still haven't received a response to my emails or an explanation as to the lack of one. Again, spot on in your observations.

07 Oct 2013, 20:14
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