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What was this strip and in what comic? 
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Now here’s another chance for someone to delve into their memory banks please, if anyone can help.

I’ve no idea now on either what comic this was in and certainly not what the serial/strip/story was called, I can only tell you that it would definitely have been in the mid-1950s.

The main character I think was an air ace, flying bombers in the RAF (squadron leader? Definitely not Biggles!) and this one mission always stuck in my mind for its derring-do, which I now realise was absolutely ridiculous to carry out, but of course then, impressed a young sprog in short trousers and a blazer with badge infested lapels and a school badge on.

But I wander from the “plot”……………………

He, with his men, had to bomb this HQ/Factory in Germany (?); but the problem was it was at the end of a street of shops/houses (?) and strung across the street, side to side, from house to house, shop to shop were many telephone/electricity cables and for some reason (?!?!) he could only attack the HQ building from street level.

Clearly all these cables strung across the street would cause a problem by becoming entangled in the plane’s propellers, so they needed a solution, and this is where it gets farcical……………….

Some boffin comes up with the idea of fitting a huge scimitar type blade on the nose of the bomber, and they complete the mission successfully when they fly low along the street (at roof height!), the blade slices through all the cables and they bomb the enemy’s headquarters.

Mission accomplished. Phew! What a hero! :bullseye:

02 Sep 2018, 10:58

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Maybe paddy payne in lion.

11 Sep 2018, 17:08

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karl wrote:
Maybe paddy payne in lion.

THANK YOU for that karl! :D

Sorry I hadn't replied earlier but had given up hope after a week.

I have this one and only image in my head and it certainly looks a likely candidate.

All I need to do now to confirm is to find that image....................not unless someone else can furnish it? :wink:

18 Sep 2018, 09:42
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