The other Cheeky artists

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Re: The other Cheeky artists

Post by Niblet »

I have now reached the point on my Cheeky Weekly blog where I have to make a decision on the vexed question (for me, anyway) of whether Tom Paterson ghosted some of the artwork. To see what my decision is, please drop in at ... -1977.html

...and don't forget to scroll down as there's rather a lot of blank space under the first paragraph due to the layout of the images/text.


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Re: The other Cheeky artists

Post by AndyB »

I would actually agree that the pages on your blog look like Frank pencils, but unknown inks - certainly not Tom Paterson inks though!

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Re: The other Cheeky artists

Post by patpending »

AndyB wrote:Yes re Mike and Dick, no re Tom and Barry. The one you think is Barry could possibly be Ian Knox, but I doubt it.
I thought Ian Knox just looking at it myself - nothing more scientific than that...

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