Revised Forum Rules Statement

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Revised Forum Rules Statement

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Following on from the events of last week (and before), the administrators have had discussions on where to go from here.

This weeks forum activity has been brilliant, A1, of the top order and is the way that it should be and how it used to be. Thank you.

There are currently 3 existing rules and a suggestion-point.

1: No personal attacks (aka flaming)
2: Respect other people’s views and respond constructively, not insultingly.
3: Do not go out of your way to prove a point (this is not a court of law!).
4: Make use of the Report this post button (red exclamation mark button) if you feel that any of the above 3 points are being breached.

We have amended points 1 and 2 and added what our actions will be if these rules get breached.

1: No personal attack (aka flaming) via posts, PM's or Emails.
2: Respect other people’s views and respond constructively, not insultingly or antagonistically.


Administrators/Moderator to monitor as many posts as we possibly can.

When we receive a report alert, we will investigate it and if we feel that it breaks the rules, the post will get deleted and the person responsible for that post will be contacted and officially warned.

We will normally use the "3 strikes and you're out" method. So if a person has already received two warnings, next time round they will usually receive a ban of 1 month. If they return and continue in the same vein (just one more breach) they will receive a longer ban, usually of 3 months. And if they return and breach again, they will usually receive an indefinite ban.

As a last resort, in the case of particularly fragrant breaches and disruption, we may have to ban users without warning.

As has been mentioned in a previous thread, we are upset that we have to resort to these measures, but feel that it needs to be done.

Thank you for reading this and please continue to enjoy the forums.


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