Jimmy Hughes

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Re: Jimmy Hughes

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Thanks for all your personal insight Yekal. Congratulations on having such a distinguished uncle.

That drawing for your daughter reminds me of the fate of Bully Beef's hairline. At some point in the late eighties Robert Nixon took over Bully Beef and Chips while Jimmy Hughes was moved to that strip about Cuddles's soft toys on the adjacent page, on which he did a great job. Robert Nixon seemed to have trouble drawing Beefy with his hair over his eyes in his usual cutesy style so after the first few weeks he lifted the hairline and made Beefy's eyes visible. Then when Mr Hughes later returned to the strip he continued with this new look, as seen in your drawing.
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Re: Jimmy Hughes


Robert Nixon was one of the greatest UK comic artists ever but from the 70s onwards he was never really a ghoster: he quite rightly stuck to his own style.....his 80s versions of Korky and Bully Beef were done with no attempt to disguisevhis natural style....

Yekal thank you very much for very interesting atlrtefacts concerning your uncle Jimmy it is much appreciated.

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Re: Jimmy Hughes

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Thank you Yekal, this is great stuff! I never knew your uncle's name or who drew what out of these strips generally, but they bring back lots of fond memories as I look at them :D
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Re: Jimmy Hughes

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I was once shown some of the work Jimmy sent to DC Thomson before he was given the Bully Beef gig. The difference in style was quite noticeable, but you could see the similarities with his published work - an early one of which was Big Head and Thick Head, of which he drew at least one - the issue of the week of THAT cup final in 1966, which I only know because the Dandy reprinted it in miniature with the equivalent issue in 2006!

I was always quite a fan of Jimmy's work!

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