Dan Dare audio adventures

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Louis Crandell
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Dan Dare audio adventures

Post by Louis Crandell »

I'm not entirely sure if this should be in the comics section (since it does tie to Dan Dare) or the non-comics (since it's not actually about a comic), but since there's another thread in the General Comics Discussion for comics adapted to the screen, I figure audio adaptions should be okay here. If not, please move this thread somewhere more appropriate.

And with that preamble out the way:
Big Finish and B7 Media have just confirmed the release of audio adaptions of several Dan Dare stories. B7 Media had announced their plans a while back, but the update today confirms the releases in December and February. Importantly for anyone who is interested, there is not only a pre-order discount, but for ONE DAY ONLY, today, there's an additional discount if you pre-order. All the details here:

(And in case anyone didn't know and might be interested, Big Finish also previously did 2000AD audios, some of which are still available
https://www.bigfinish.com/ranges/releas ... udge-dredd
and a Luther Arkwright adaptation,
https://www.bigfinish.com/releases/v/th ... wright-618)

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Re: Dan Dare audio adventures

Post by SID »

You beat me to it, Louis.

Unfortunately I missed the on the additional discount but have pre-ordered both CDs. :)

BTW, I have all the Judge Dredd and Luther Arkwright CDs. Well worth the money.
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