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The comic related item you always buy if it’s cheap enough

Posted: 29 Jun 2018, 21:38
by koollectablz
So I was thinking today, as I unwrapped yet another copy of DC Thomson Firsts, that there’s always certain items that I’ll always buy no matter what if they’re cheap enough.

I’m not talking about Beano #1 for a fiver, just fairly common items that when they crop up I’ll always pull the trigger on if they’re the right price.

For me the aforementioned book is one, likewise summer/holiday specials from the 1960s/70s. Even if I have numerous copies of them I’ll tend to buy them no matter what in the sure fire knowledge I’ll always manage to sell them on again in the future...

What are other peoples must buys?

Re: The comic related item you always buy if it’s cheap enou

Posted: 29 Jun 2018, 22:07
by stevezodiac
I picked up six DC Thomson annuals from 1968-1971 for £1 each on Wednesday and fourteen Photoplay Film Monthlies from early 50s for £1 each. Now I'm a pensioner I have become a picker to enhance my income. No fun buying tesco bitter at £1 for four tins. Fancied splashing out on some Bass (beggar boy's ass) but they no longer do it.

Sometimes at the ephemera fair I'll buy a pile of cheap comics for future investment.

Even before ebay in the 1980s I'd buy several copies of first editions.

Watching an old Antiques Road Trip this week Charlie Ross bought a china elephant for £8 from an antique shop. At the auction it sold for £2700.00.