Dust Jacket Detectives

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Dust Jacket Detectives

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Hello all,

Been a while since I last logged in but wanted to share a new research project group over on Facebook, 'Dust Jacket Detectives'.


A group for collectors of old books forever in search of missing dust jackets.

I set this group up as a research page for mostly early children's books and annuals. From reading collectors books, few if any contain pictures or even references to dust jackets. From the likes of Chums Annual, Boy's Own, the DC Thomson books, Gerald Swan publications, Tiger Tim, Radio Fun and more, the majority were published with a dust jacket.

Whether that be paper jackets or glassine I can find no online archive of images of dust jackets.

It's my hope to create an online photographic reference for dust jackets that were, more often than not, carelessly tossed away.
Albums have been created per annual title.

If anyone has a dust jacket not currently shown in the group photo albums, please could you send an image for archiving / referencing?

With thanks,





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