We want your comic memories

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We want your comic memories

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The ComicScene History of Comics series is coming along nicely. Richard Sheaf is acting as our museum curator looking for unusual comic items that may form part of a museum exhibit in years to come. We also want to do something a little different - focus on fans and readers of the comics. We are keen to capture your personal memories which can form part of the book. You can send memories of any year from 1930 onwards but the first four books focus on 19i84, 1977, 1950 and 1986. Pictures of events you attended, your favourite comic books of the year (with pictures of you holding them if you like), sketches or artwork you may own or did yourself, comic memorabilia, anecdotes, stories and even professional comic writers/artists can let us know about their own development at the time. Send your short and punchy comments about to comicsceneuk@gmail.com (by 28th September). We have already had some great memories from 1984 but can always do with more as a print record of those fantastic times.
You can subscribe to the History of Comics collection https://comicscene.org/subscribe-to-the ... of-comics/ .

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