The Secret Protectors Comic Book

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The Secret Protectors Comic Book

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Hi all,

Hope this Sunday finds you well!

My names Adam and I’m the writer and creator of the comic book series The Secret Protectors along with Ben who is the artist and co-creator. We’re a two man team trying our best to get the word out about our comic. We started working on the project together back in 2017. Since Covid obviously there’s been no cons etc so it’s been very difficult to get our story into peoples hands. We’ve done a few Kickstarters in years gone by and we’ve been fortunate enough to make our target.

Anyway, I’m hoping some of your guys and girls here may be interested in reading our comic, you can download issues 1 & 2 for free by signing up to our mailing list, which you can find here:

We’re on Facebook and Instagram but we’re not overly active, we don’t spam either unless we have something to tell you about upcoming releases etc.

We also have a digital store should you want to get issues 3 & 4:

We like to think :D that we’ve created a world filled with characters that anyone and everyone can enjoy. We’re a bit of an anomaly on the indie scene as we do not feature extreme violence or swearing or any graphic nudity. Not detracting from those that do we just wanted to tell a more wholesome story. It would be great to get feedback from you guys here, really looking forward to cons returning too and being able to get back to face to face events.



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