New Dredd Movie?

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Re: New Dredd Movie?

Post by Phonner »

Just seen the new Dredd movie, about a year or so later, but I got there. It is very good really, and I think that there will be another one and good chance of it becoming a franchise.

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Re: New Dredd Movie?

Post by Colonel »

Just joined the forum, so forgive me for resurrecting an old-ish thread.

My opinions, for what they're worth - the first "Dredd" film was utter bilge. No concept of the attributes of the character, woeful and invalid inclusion of Fergie and an ABC Warrior - really? For me, it was an exercise in how to turn the potential wider audience off entirely. The Karl Urban Dredd was much more convincing, with lots of nice nods to the original storylines which are meaningless to the average filmgoer without detracting from the story, i.e. "Chopper" tags, Kenny Who?, blocks named after artists. As for the city, it was like the early days of Mega City One, before it all became massive blocks. Not the ultimate Dredd film, but a giant leap forward from the first one.

I agree that other characters such as Strontium Dog and Rogue Trooper have potential, but they are much less recognisable to Joe public. That said, I ran a nerd blog / competition at work for a while, and the day I posted a picture of Judge Dredd, no-one scored any points. Go figure. Rogue Trooper enjoyed a (very) temporary resurrection by IDW Publishing in the USA a year or so ago, but it only lasted 5 issues before it was cancelled - a great shame, because it had a lot of potential.

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Re: New Dredd Movie?

Post by starscape »

Mad Max had zero recognisability when the first movie came out. A film doesn't have to be based on an already successful character, it just has to be good. Dredd may be the most successful in comic terms but it doesn't mean it'll translate to the silver screen. Invasion, Flesh, Strontium Dog would all translate much better.

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Re: New Dredd Movie?

Post by SID »

Now Flesh as a film with dinosaurs fighting time travellers from the future (and winning). And let's not forget the giant spiders. :D
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