Dredd Superfiend

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Dredd Superfiend

Post by babington »

What do you think of the trailer for a new animated Judge Dredd series "Superfiend"? Looks pretty terrible to me... can nobody do Dredd justice outside the comics??


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Re: Dredd Superfiend

Post by starscape »

I think it looks alright. Just a bootleg though. But looks better than, say, Young Justice or the Teen Titans or Ultimate Spider-Man.

I also thought the recent Dredd movie was great.

Mr McScotty
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Re: Dredd Superfiend

Post by Mr McScotty »

I have to admit that I'm not a massive Dredd (or 2000AD) fan so do'nt have that link to the character a lot of fans have, but I thought that cartoon was okas well -, it was meant to be a parody (I hope) but it would be good to see a realistic / Bruce Timm type version of the character all the same - personally really and I loved the last Dredd movie.

big bad bri
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Re: Dredd Superfiend

Post by big bad bri »

it will prob end up being really bad like the Spawn animated series a few years back i was really disapointed with that despite loving the comic at the time.

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