2000ad Documentary

Discuss or comment on Britain's sole surviving boy's comic from the 1970's. The home of Judge Dredd, Slaine, Nikolai Dante, ABC Warriors and Sinister Dexter. Has been running since 1977.

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2000ad Documentary

Post by stevezodiac »

In the free magazine Coach it has a page about a documentary Futureshock! the story of 2000AD which will be released on dvd next week. Apologies if this is old news as I don't read the 2000AD thread having little interest in the title.

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Re: 2000ad Documentary

Post by comixminx »

I saw a few things about it at the time of its release in the cinema, as I follow Pat Mills on Twitter. I'd quite like to see it actually, so the news that it's out in DVD form is quite welcome.
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