Dick Turpin

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Dick Turpin

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I am trying to remember which UK comic (either The Sun or The Comet) ran stories about Dick Turpin and particularly issues featuring a character called The Jackal.
Any clues?

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Re: Dick Turpin

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I have a vague memory of it being in Knockout. My mate, Steve, says he thinks it started in Sun and moved to Knockout. Did Knockout absorb Sun?

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Re: Dick Turpin

Post by Robbie Moubert »

Dick Turpin had several runs in Knockout. The first was in 1948 (Dick Turpin's Ride to York drawn by D C Eyles) with another in 1949/50 (Breed of the Brudenels by H M Brock). There was also a short run in 1962, possibly just a single story, Dick Turpin and the Cavern of Monsters. In this story, with art by Jesus Blasco, Dick is accompanied by his black servant, Beetles, and Jem Peters. It finished in the second "new-look" issue with the blue masthead. This may be a reprint of a Highway Days story (see below) which I believe Blasco provided art for at some point.

From 1951-54 he appeared in Sun in a strip by Mike Butterworth and Hugh McNeill. The strip was originally called Highway Days but later stories had individual titles e.g. Dick Turpin and the Silver Dwarf. Dick Turpin in the House of a Hundred Locks appeared in the summer of 1953 and featured The Jackal (the first part was in issue 228). In these stories Dick's companion was Moll Moonlight and they were later reprinted in Valiant as Jack O' Justice stories.

(Edited to add extra Knockout info).

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