50 Years a Home for Heroes

Pocket-sized war 'comic' that has been around since 1961 and is still going strong.

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50 Years a Home for Heroes

Post by django »

Anyone else get this today?, I haven't had time to read it yet but the first thing that struck me when opening the box was the size of the thing, it's a huge paving slab of a book, nice!. It's in full colour apart from 6 issues of the comic that are reprinted in their entirety and some of the covers look great blown up to a massive scale, there's also a handy checklist of every issue at the back. Well done Carlton, recommended!.

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Re: 50 Years a Home for Heroes

Post by felneymike »

I got it at the exhibition last month, the cover reprints are about the size of the original artwork and look amazing. A lot of the text content, though, was tied-together reprints of stuff that is/used to be on the Commando website. At least on paper it will last 100 years or so. In fact on paper that thick probably about 500 years!

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