Update on `Free Sparky File`

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Update on `Free Sparky File`

Post by alanultron5 » 08 Nov 2012, 15:40

Hi! Since I last put up my free offer I have upgraded the file with many photo's. This makes it "HUGE!!!" So I split it into year-by-year chapters which I can send by Large Attatchment; one at a time!

So! If anyone wants this `upgraded` file please contact Alan Smith on purple70883@yahoo.co.uk I can only send them one at a time, but eventually all can be done! Cheers!
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Re: Update on `Free Soparky File`

Post by Digifiend » 08 Nov 2012, 22:53

Soparky? lol, the thread title needs correcting.

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Re: Update on `Free Sparky File`

Post by Al » 09 Nov 2012, 02:37

Soparky has been changed to Sparky (in the Topic title)

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