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Re: Hotspur - The Red Knight

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colcool007 wrote:
paw broon wrote:Re. The Red Knight. I think I've worked out the issues concerned. The first story starts in Hotspur # 493 and ends in #502.
2nd. story starts in #503, ends #508
3rd. story starts #509, ends #514.
As the original albums had 34 pages of story, I think DCT have used 3 successive albums but might, actually must have have edited out some panels. I don't have the Dutch albums of these stories and I've cobbled this together by trying to follow the descriptions of each issue on the Dutch site. I could be very wrong.
All 3 stories/episodes? feature Lancelot and The Knights.
I've got this far, can anyone now let me know if there were any other reprints of The Red Knight? Or other reprints of foreign strips in DCT titles of the period?
The only other foreign strip that I am aware of being reprinted by D C Thomson in the comics was the newspaper strip Nancy by Ernie Bushmiller which was printed for some years in The Topper in the early 1970s.

However in the late 1970s / early 1980s, the Dundee Courier and Advertiser also printed a foreign newspaper strip in the form of Peanuts and that was superceded by Garfield for many years.
I have a couple of issues of Romeo from 1959 that include some reprints from American romance comics, and Marvel's Millie the Model if that counts.
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Re: Hotspur - The Red Knight

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An earlier thread at ... 142&t=5948 deals with more DCT American reprints.

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Re: Hotspur - The Red Knight

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Thank you all. I'd forgotten about Nancy etc. :oops: So I'm going to narrow it down to action strips and Kashgar's posts (see the link in David's post) gives us further action strips, this time in The Topper, which seems to have been the comic with the highest percentage of foreign strips of the traditional titles. And it just occurred to me that Nancy and the others mentioned were English language strips, so only licensing costs for Thomson. Whereas The Red Knight had to be translated and as Studio Vandersteen was an established, succesful studio, the material wouldn't have been going for a song. It just seems odd for a foreign language strip to appear in a comic like the Hotspur. Probably just me :)
I'm now coming to the conclusion that this was the only appearance of The Red Knight in Hotspur and as I can't find any info on other British releases of the title. I'll say, that's it.
Thanks to all who replied.

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Re: Hotspur - The Red Knight

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There was also the Circus of P T Bimbo by Howie Schneider, which featured in the Sparky Book 1978.

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