Football PSM 246 The Final Glory

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Football PSM 246 The Final Glory

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A successful hunt!

One of the comic groups was contacted on social media by a gentleman who was trying to find a Football PSM comic from his youth. The clues he had were it came out around the time of Euro 96, a plot synopsis of two young boys dreaming to become footballers. One was a bully and achieved his dream only to spend his money on flash cars, booze and women. The rest he wasted. The other was a mediocre player but turned out to be an exceptional linesman and ended up refereeing the UEFA cup final.

And the plot line was bang on, but took a bit of reading to find the right issue which was, as the title, suggests, Football PSM 246 The Final Glory. Admittedly he was two months out as 245 was published in August 1996.

Now the question is does anyone have a double of it or a copy they would be willing to part with?
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