Hello All!

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Hello All!

Post by betel_uk »

Hi there everyone...
I've been hanging out on the 2000AD forums over the last year or so... only just found this place! :oops:
As a child I was a big comic fan, Whizzer and Chips, Whoopie (spelling?), Shiver and Shake, Monster Fun, Cheeky, Krazy are all titles I remember but as a collector it was mainly Battle and then 2000AD for many, many years...
Dug my boxes of 2000ADs out of my mum's place last year (Battles are long gone I'm afraid) and had a good old stroll down memory lane... ahh the smell of 80s thrill power!

I picked up a load of Warlords and (new) Eagles the other day as part of a job lot, are there any databases out there for those titles that compare to the Barney database over on the 2000AD site?

See you around...


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Re: Hello All!

Post by Peter Gray »


Welcome to the forum..Peter

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Re: Hello All!


Get stuck in, betel; you have come to the right place.

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Re: Hello All!

Post by colcool007 »

Welcome to the site Ian. Alas, there are few sites that can match Barney but they are some darn good efforts on the parts of enthusiasts here and there. Sevenpennynightmare and VictorHornet are two that spring to mind straight away.

@Rab. Nice new pic. :D
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Re: Hello All!

Post by Niblet »

Hi betel/Ian, good to have you aboard. If you're ever in the mood for a bit of Cheeky nostalgia, you might like to follow the link below.

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