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I was born in '59 and grew up in that glorious time of the comic the sixties. My weekly comic delivered by the paperboy was The Victor. My sister had the Sparky delivered. Once these were read they were swapped with friends down the road for their Toppers and Beezers. My grandparents and my godfather(their lodger)were always generous with extra pocket money, spent in the local newsagents around the corner from their house on sweets, Airfix kits and of course comics first to be bought would be The Hotspur , then The Hornet with Valiant as third choice. Another friend had vast quantities of Look and Learn and American comics both DC and Marvel stashed under his bed, which with total and utter generosity he would let me borrow for as long as I wanted. I had an elder cousin who was about 13 years older than me and although he was by then at college my Aunt and Uncle had kept his Beano and Dandy annuals from the 50s which always made visiting them a joy. Just over a year ago I returned to comics and have been over joyed to find that so much of my childhood has been cherished and preserved by so many people. Thanks to all of you who have been instrumental in preserving so much and making it available on the net. I have years of reading of preserved comics and blogs about comics to catch up on.

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Re: Hi

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Welcome to the house of fun moonshado. I hope you get plenty of enjoyment from the posts and the comics.
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Re: Hi

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Hello moonshado. Glad you found your way here. I also noticed you're a new member on comicbookplus and I'll drop a note to you from there. Enjoy the conversations here.

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Re: Hi

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Hi Moonshado, welcome back to your childhood!

Cousins were great for me as a kid as well as I had a younger one who liked almost exactly the same comics as me so we managed to buy different ones every week and swap when we saw each other on the weekends. We saw each other recently for the first time in years and spent hours (much to our partners annoyance) reminiscing over Valiant, Marvel and other childhood favourite characters.
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Re: Hi


howdy-doody, Moonshado!

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Re: Hi

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Hi, Moonshado.

Welcome to Comics UK. :)

You have made the right decision. I, myself, have a lot to thank this site for. For years, I thought I was one of a minority of one (or two) who loved British comics and then I discovered this little oasis. Absolutely brilliant.
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