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Jim's Emporium

Post by Phoenix »

I spent this afternoon in Liverpool on a kind of farewell tour. I bought two books in all three main secondhand bookshops. From Michael's shop just up London Road I got two chunky near-mint hardbacks with pristine dustwrappers for £5 each, The Lore Of Scotland : A Guide To Scottish Legends by Jennifer Westwood and Sophia Kingshill, and Myths And Legends Of The British Isles by Richard Barber. From Gerard's shop up Mount Pleasant I got two paperbacks in as-new condition, Thirty-One Nil : On The Road With Football's Outsiders by James Montague (Bloomsbury) and radio presenter Bob Harris's autobiography Bob Harris : Still Whispering After All These Years at £2 each, and from Kernaghan Books in the Bluecoat Chambers I picked up Drawn From Memory Drawn From Life, the autobiography of Ernest H Shepard (£3) and The Enduring Game : AN I-SPYCLOPAEDIA 1948 - 1993 a much thinner book at £5 by Francis Hertzberg (1993). Father Francis's original tome was published in 1953. He was living in Higher Bebington in the Wirral at the time. We were in contact way back in the seventies when he put quite a lot of his Thomsons' story papers for boys up for sale in Book And Magazine Collector, and I think we met once when I went over to collect some purchased items to save him the p&p.

With a similar purpose I went to Jim's Emporium in the basement shopping area in Renshaw Street to say goodbye to Jim. He wasn't there although his homely little shop was. The new tenants told me that he had simply removed all his stock somewhere round Christmas time and disappeared. Apparently, according to these new people he is still doing car boots. I imagine they will be in or around Orrell Park, where he is presumably still living. Orrell Park is roughly half way between Liverpool Central station and the town where I live.

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Re: Jim's Emporium

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Was sorry to hear that - used to like going in there. Have been meaning to visit Liverpool when I find the right time - Lime Street is mostly closed so not a good time to go. Sadly there will be one less regular stop to visit.

I can remember going there once and Jim asked me to take a message from him to Victor Collinge in Todmorden that a friend of theirs had died. Sadly Victor has passed away too. Reminds me I must go to Borders in Todmorden soon - last time I was there Carol had sold the shop and some new owners were installed who were very friendly.

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