Hello - Thanks for adding me and intro.

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Hello - Thanks for adding me and intro.

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Hello one and all.
I stumbled across your website hunting for information about Misty (I'll send my heartfelt plea in another topic :D )
I have a longstanding on / off relationship with comics. When I was a youngster my favourites were always Whizzer & Chips, Beano, Eagle, Dandy but I was happy to try anything especially hooked in by those first few issues with toys attached to the cover. I was a proud member of the Dennis & Gnasher fan club (god, I wish i'd held onto that little wallet with the 2 badges). My older sister read Misty and I was a fan of Hammer Horror films, so I often stole her copies and I remember, even then, being impressed with how beautiful the artwork was compared to the younger kids comics I was reading. I now realise my favourite artist was John Armstrong. What made Misty even more tantalizing was that my Mum banned it from the house after she spotted some rather witchy imagery- haha. Funny now, but we were a christian family and my parents didn't want our delicate young minds to be warped into satanists :notworthy: My sister soon progressed onto 'Just 17' and 'Look-in' but I still held Misty dear to my heart. Our parents tried to brainwash us the other way I think by introducing us to christian comics and 'Jack Chick' tracts :headbash: I fear it was too late because I still played Dungeons & Dragons at school & read Stephen King under the covers :twisted: I've never been particulary obsessive about 'collecting' anything but have picked up many comics & graphic novels over the years. Not a huge fan of superhero comics but I have read some of the older Batman Frank Miller comics and I do love The Watchmen.
Years later (2002/3 maybe) I stumbled across the mistycomic.co.uk site and was halfway through re-reading them and enjoying the trip down memory lane when Egmont put a stop to the fun. I have since over the years managed to find scans of all 101 issues and some annuals & specials. But I'm rambling and will start a new Misty topic.
Anyway, good to be here and I'm looking forward to reading the forum (seems like I've got a lot to catch up on :D )

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