Our Colin (aka colcool007)

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Re: Our Colin (aka colcool007)

Post by Nick_the_Greek »

What a pitty. May he Rest-In-Peace...

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Re: Our Colin (aka colcool007)

Post by alanultron5 »

God bless him!
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Re: Our Colin (aka colcool007)

Post by ComicScene »

I am also pleased to announce that with support from his family we will finally be able to print a few articles written by Colin Noble in the new ComicScene Magazine, now that it is funded via kickstarter. Colin had written articles on Bunty and Axa for the magazine that due to the Covid 19 pandemic never got to the pages of ComicScene. We can now make a donation to Colin's family thanks to your generosity in supporting this kickstarter and publish the articles over the next couple of issues. You can support the magazine here http://kck.st/45oTZms

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Re: Our Colin (aka colcool007)

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Still remembered.

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