Help please - info about "Out with Mummy" from Teddy Bear?

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Help please - info about "Out with Mummy" from Teddy Bear?

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I can't seem to find anything about this beautifully-drawn series about a nuclear family which appeared in Teddy Bear and in two(?) "annual" books of its own.

Of course, the social changes over the last forty years make it something of an interesting curiosity nowadays. Everyone is white, and health and safety have not yet meant seatbelts for cars or hard hats for workmen. The family travels by train to a seaside boarding house for its holidays.

Mummy has to do an awful lot to keep the family going, but keeps her supermodel looks.

The (few) cars are mainly variants on the Farina Austin Cambridge, the family is fairly well-off but can afford only one car, which Mummy (who can drive) may have on Thursdays when she has to go shopping, the buses are London Routemasters, and the diesel locomotives are "Warships".

I seem to recall that "Teddy Bear" had a high input from Mediterranean artists (Spanish? Italian?), specifically with Edward and the Jumblies.

I think "Mummy" suggests a forerunner of Carlos Ezquerra or Massimo Berlardinelli as artist. Where can I find a link about "Out with Mummy"?

IIRC there were two books and this one is from circa 1968. The spine has gone and the cover must have got damp sometime - the only book of mine I believe this to be true of!


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