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Old Sci-Fi Comic

Post by dresdcomic » 04 May 2014, 14:58


I remember reading a comic, probably sixties, or maby fifties, story line goes like this -

- A soldier returning from the War (probably WWII) to find:
- Aliens invading the Earth (or maybe only England)
- Soldier is almost the only one fighting them.

I can remember only a few details:
– big seashore bunkers (from WWII) where Soldier hides,
- him having a Springfield rifle,
- resistance consisting of very few people, and then of course one of them betraying the Soldier to the Aliens.

Any ideas?

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Re: Old Sci-Fi Comic

Post by Phoenix » 04 May 2014, 17:05

I'm personally unable to help, dresdcomic. If I had been I would have responded to the same message that you posted a couple of days ago on the Artwork, artists and writers forum. To be honest, I think that most people do read all the posts on all the forums, so if nobody replies they either don't know the answer or they are still researching it for you. Patience is a virtue.

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