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The UK Web & Mini-comix Thing

Post by felneymike » 21 Mar 2008, 00:13

Is this saturday! (22nd March). At the Great Hall, Mile End road, London. Which is either turning left out of Mile End station (and crossing the road), or right out of Stepney Green station. Around 90 tables of numerous self-published works, from High Maintenance (been selected to appear in some comic art exhibition in New York dont'cha know) and Weebl and Bob to first-timers starting out with a cheap laser printer and a prayer. Of interest to the users of this forum will probably primarily be Massacre For Boys, who produced "Commando" (with the blood & guts of "Action")-style fare, and are launching a new book this year called "The House that Dripped War". And not to blow my own trumpet, but my own comic "The Red, White & Blue" is inspired by Hotspur etc (the comics) and the Union Jack (the Sexton Blake text stories, and the name). Anyway, the page is here:

I think it's only about £3 for visitors, so if you can get there there's nothing to lose really!

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