Bloomsbury Collector's Fair.

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Bloomsbury Collector's Fair.

Post by stevezodiac » 10 Aug 2009, 20:04

This happens on the fourth Sunday of every month (except when Christmas interferes). There is a lot of interesting stuff as it split into two halls either side of the hotel forecourt. The other part is an ephemera fair and comics and boys papers often turn up.

Just looked at my scans and wondered what BIPEX was, its the British International Postcard Exhibition.




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Re: Bloomsbury Collector's Fair.

Post by felneymike » 14 Aug 2009, 17:37

What sort of time does it start? 9-10?

Also does the "good stuff" (with regard to comic collecting!) get sold quick? London is quite far, that said i have got there for 9 a couple of times before when i've been selling at the UK Webcomix Thing

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