Well done for the site!

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Well done for the site!

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I'm looking at a Rainbow Annual showing Tiger Tim and the Bruin Boys in a pirate cave, wondering when it's from.

It's a great accolade for the site that the words
On the 20th April 2011* the website changed server provider. Unfortunately, the new provider did not support the Classic ASP language that the website was written in. This meant that the whole website became void and in need of a complete rewrite, except for the Forum.
fill me with dread!

What better recommendation could you have?

(Luckily, I have just seen that the rock upon which Little Joey is perched says 1948).

Looking forward to seeing the return of the annuals section!

*PS You know whose birthday that is? Well, I blame him!

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Re: Well done for the site!


yes, he also died 10 days after his birthday: April 30.

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