Commando-more reprint issues?

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Commando-more reprint issues?

Post by stevezodiac »

I've just received the latest Commandos and two of them were reprints. Nothing unusual there except for the fact that two of the last lot were reprints too! It looks like they may have gone from six new titles out of eight each month to four out of eight. It could have been then dreaded deadline doom of course so i'll wait and see. I'm sure most subscribers like me would be happy to see the reprints done away with completely and just have fewer all new titles, storage space at a premium etc. What thinkest thou?

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Commando-more reprint issues?

Post by chrissmillie »

They've been reprinting Commandos for years. Nothing new.

I say, it's been going this long, so don't 'fix' it.
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Commando-more reprint issues?

Post by colcool007 »

I will be surprised if they have changed the successful 2 reprints out of 8 unless there was a very good reason for this. Possible deadline issues raises its' head, but I think that it may have been a case of low script turnover by writers. Any reason is possible but until we get George Low himself on the site, any guess is just that a guess.
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Commando-more reprint issues?

Post by Corporal Clott »

Low script turn over is a possibility. I try to do at least one Commando script a month, but coming up with new ideas or new angles on old ones gets more and more difficult. Sometimes I can hit the nail on the head first time, other times it takes longer. This last time I think it took four or five tries until I hit on an idea that clicked. Talk about brain strain!

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