How many stories to tell?

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Re: How many stories to tell?

Post by stevezodiac »

The Colt revolver looks accurate for the time - a Walker? Dragoon?

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Re: How many stories to tell?

Post by philcom55 »

I wouldn't know a Colt revolver from a Beatles LP, but that's an Ian Kennedy cover so it's likely the period detail is pretty spot on (though I'm not so sure about the interior art).

- Phil R.

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Re: How many stories to tell?

Post by Marionette »

I love the taser story.

I finally got my copy of the Nachthexen story and was surprised how old fashioned the writing style was - even compared to the 1970's comics I've been reading lately. Also a bit disappointed that a story about the Night Witches was also mostly about some British guy, rather than the ladies themselves.

Honestly, the story of the Night Witches is quite fascinating enough already. It doesn't need to have a male character stuffed in as the protagonist to make it work. Here's hoping the sequel is a bit more about its nominal subject matter.
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