Bumper book of Battle

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Re: Bumper book of Battle

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Phoenix wrote:A few days ago I received an email from Amazon giving me a revised delivery date for the item I ordered on January 14th 2009, which of course was Roy of the Rovers - The Archives, presumably 1954/55. They didn't mention that but they did put the order number reference in the email. I could check it if I put my mind to it but I doubt whether I'll bother as it is the only item I still have on order with them. I won't hold my breath either, I'll just wait for the parcel. If it comes it comes, and if it does arrive I'll let you know! Hope springs eternal.
I think it's been shelved indefinitely but the World Cup book is out.
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Re: Bumper book of Battle

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Lew Stringer wrote:I think it's been shelved indefinitely but the World Cup book is out.
The really irritating aspect of all this is that they sound so authoritative. Their delivery of the information seems to suggest that they have just had the news straight from the horse's mouth, and the addition of a specific arrival date, June 2nd in my case, does tend to increase the reader's sense of certainty. I know it was shelved indefinitely because I reported here their email message to me about it, but when you get a message like that out of the blue your hopes are inevitably raised. I still want the book so I suppose, under the circumstances, I am always going to give them the benefit of the doubt. My question now is do we think any human beings are employed in that department or might the whole setup be run by plastic synapses and electronic triggers?

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